Frequently Asked Questions

  • How many days does a PADI diving course last?
    Depends which course but the entry-level Scuba diver is 2 days, a further 1 day for the Open Water course, Advanced Open Water 2-3 days, Rescue Diver 3 days and Dive Master 2-6 weeks.
  • Do I have to do the course over consecutive days?
    No. All courses can be spread over anything up to 6 months though it is always preferable for the sake of continuity to keep the time as short as possible.
  • Can I leave my dive gear with you over the period of my stay?
    Yes, you can though space is at times limited so always check with us first.
  • Are all the dives guided?
    Yes, they are and at no extra charge to you.
  • Can I pay by Credit or Debit card?
    Yes, most major cards accepted with the exception of AMEX.
  • Do I need Diving Insurance to dive with Diving Marbella?
    Yes, you do. We recommend that you arrange this before you come either through your normal broker or try Abbey Gate Insurance based in Estepona. In any event, you can purchase daily / weekly policies in the shop from €10
  • Are you open 7 days?
    Yes, 10am to 7pm
  • What do I need to bring to dive with you?
    Your qualification cards and or logbook, swimming trunks and a towel, and that’s about it!
  • How do I contact PADI to chase cards or make other enquiries?
    Try this contact page at PADI
  • What type of suit should I take with me to dive in the sea off Marbella ?
    Ideally you should bring a 7mm semi-dry but a 5mm 2 piece will do.
  • Do you have Nitrox?
    Yes, we do, fills to EANx 36 available.
  • Do you have digital editing facilities available?
    A. Yes, we do. 2 editing computers with Adobe Premiere or Windows Movie Maker available. Both machines with wireless ADSL connection.
  • Can I do the confined Open Water (Pool) part of my course elsewhere and complete the Open Water (Sea) dives in Marbella?
    Yes, you can. Simply ask your Instructor for your PADI Referral sheet and we will organize the rest. We recommend Mike’s Dive Store
  • Can I eat and drink nearby?
    Yes. There are many excellent restaurants and bars all along the coast, we will be happy to recommend some of our favourites.
  • Can I visit other diving destinations from your Dive Centre?
    A. Yes. As a part of the service, we offer weekly trips to Tarifa, Nerja and Gibraltar amongst others.